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The many advantages of hardwood flooring

There are many ways in which hardwood flooring can add to your home. Its elegance and sophistication are without rival in appearance, making it one of the most highly sought after floor coverings on the market. It's also incredibly durable and has a life span that can easily reach 100 years with the right care and maintenance. You'll also see an increase in the value of your home after the installation of this material, which can translate into either equity or a higher sale price should you decide to sell your home.

Kluesner Flooring has more than 20 years of experience in flooring that we are more than happy to pass along to our customers. With an extensive selection of floor coverings, we also offer services that help breathe life into any flooring project you have in mind and more. We are proud to serve the areas of Manchester, IA, Dyersville, IA, Ryan, IA, Delhi, IA, Edgewood, IA, Farley, IA, and Peosta, IA from our Manchester, IA showroom. We'd appreciate the honor of earning your business too, and hope you'll visit us at your convenience.

Hardwood facts you should know

Hardwood flooring doesn't seem to be growing any less popular and continues to be a preferred floor covering for many homeowners. This has never been more obvious, considering how many “wood-look” products we also have on the market. The all natural allure of this material, however, is simply gorgeous and warms the atmosphere in any space where it's installed. A look like this can easily be matched to any decor style, with such a great variety in stain colors, grain patterns, and board sizes.

The hard-wearing durability of hardwood floors helps it to achieve its great length of lifespan. Protective finishes are available to help maintain the newness of your flooring for longer periods of time. Of course, even with the best protection, wear and tear can eventually show through. The good news is, this floor covering is one of the only materials that can be repaired to the point of looking new again. Refinishing can take years of wear off your flooring, leaving you with a floor that looks brand new again, and will stay that way for decades longer.

If you settle on the perfect hardwood species, stain color, and finish type for your flooring, be sure you speak with an associate about the necessity of professional installation. This flooring material must also acclimate in your own home environment for up to 72 hours for the best results. These will make for a much better flooring experience in this product line.

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