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Find the carpet of your dreams

You'll love every single benefit that carpet flooring brings to your home, from an amazing underfoot softness to durability you might not have expected from this material. Everything about carpet can be an enhancement, no matter which spaces you need floored and the benefits may surprise you. Match your decor effortlessly while creating a warmer and safer environment for your entire family. Don't delay in finding out how this floor covering could easily be the one that makes all your flooring dreams come true.

Kluesner Flooring offers more than 20 years of experience in flooring and specializes in making sure our customer's every need is met. Choose from a great variety of floor coverings and services that will truly make a statement when your project is finished. From our showroom in Manchester, IA, we serve the communities of Manchester, IA, Dyersville, IA, Ryan, IA, Delhi, IA, Edgewood, IA, Farley, IA, and Peosta, IA. We'd love to also add you to our growing list of satisfied customers so feel free to visit us today.

Carpet is more beneficial than ever

One of the biggest complaints concerning carpet in the past has been the fear that it will stain easily. And with this material, that was a reasonable concern. However, manufacturers have taken notice of that and started building stain protection into the very fibers of the flooring they offer. Now, stains can no longer soak in and become permanent and they are much easier to keep clean. Better still, you won't have to worry that the protection will wear off and need to be reapplied, because it is permanent.

arpet can also work to save you money since it acts as a second layer of insulation. Along with its underpadding, it works to retain heat, keep your house warmer for longer so your furnace doesn't have to run as long or as often. You'll see the result in a cheaper heating bill in the winter and will quickly come to appreciate this particular benefit.

For both the young and old, carpet can create a very stable surface to walk on, resulting in fewer falls. If falls do happen, however, this material can offer a softer place to land, doing away with much of the opportunity for serious injury to occur.

Carpet installation should always be carried out by a professional installation team. Special tools and experience are necessary to make this flooring look and function as it should. It's a decision you definitely won't regret making.

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