We sometimes walk around our home’s floor tile barefoot and don't want dirt and other miscellaneous items sticking to their bottoms. So, having a clean floor is super important.

Tile is easy to maintain and clean, but sometimes providing extra care can be beneficial. For example, cleaning in tight corners and scrubbing the grout from time to time can help keep your floors as clean as you want them to be.

Cleaning tips and tricks

While we all may think that vacuums are exclusively used on carpet flooring, it's a great cheat to clean up the tiniest dirt you may not catch when sweeping. For floor tile, set your vacuum on its lowest setting and use it on your tile flooring.

Since most tile has some sealant on it, you'll want to go with a floor cleaner that isn't going to bring any damage to the bond on the tile. Popular cleansing brands such as OdoBan, Pine-Sol, and Mr.clean make cleaning solutions that are PH neutral, and they may sell some of these products at the right showroom.

More busy areas of your home require extra cleaning care, such as sweeping the areas daily and mopping them more frequently. Another thing our tile store tells you to keep an eye out for is splatter stains, mostly from liquids that have splashed and dried on your floor, and if they're not huge, simply using a spray cleaner and a clean cloth can bring them right up.

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